May 20 GAUGN master class “Basics of scientific editing of texts on the history of”

Master class “Foundations of scientific editing of texts on the history of” held May 20, 2014 for graduate students GAUGN Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor Boris L. Khavkin, editor of “Modern and Contemporary History.” The meeting was held in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which Boris L. described the passage of the full cycle of scientific texts reviewing procedures, illustrating its vivid examples from personal experience. Review any job, in his opinion, it has no right to be just an emotional cry editor souls must contain a balanced and professional analysis of the material, very concise and well-structured. Nor should we forget about such seemingly simple things as basic literacy, “Russian texts still must be written in Russian,” – said Boris Leonidovich. Boris L. noted with regret that the rise in prices for publication paper production in combination with the availability of similar materials on the Internet, not only reduces the interest of the general public to scientific journals, but also causes serious damage to the general level of scientific publications, particularly at a time when great importance is attached scientometrics. “Systematics, scientific apparatus and, of course, novelty – something that completely forgotten the young researchers in the pursuit of high levels of citation” – said the speaker.