Legal Department carries out its educational activities on the basis of the Institute of State and Law of RAS.

The faculty trains in directions:
030900 Law (qualification “Bachelor”) – 4-year training (full-time) and 5 years (by correspondence)
030 200 Political science (qualification “Bachelor” training profile “legal political science” – 4-year training (full-time)

Postgraduate study, training and retraining of teachers.

Faculty of Law of the State Academic University of Humanities announces recruitment for the 2013 academic year for students of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the direction of law

the internal department Bachelor in “Jurisprudence” with duration of 4 years (extrabudgetary). Tuition – 160,000 rubles. in year
the correspondence department Bachelor in “Jurisprudence” with duration of 5 years (extrabudgetary). Tuition fees – 80,000 rubles. in year
the internal department Bachelor in “Political Science” with a training period of 4 years (budgetary and extrabudgetary). Tuition 160,000 rubles. in year.
for those receiving a second professional education in “Jurisprudence” – the correspondence department with 3.5 years of training period (extrabudgetary) – 100,000 rubles. in year. For those receiving second higher education entrance examinations – interview

May be transferred from other universities on the 2-th and 3 rd courses on the direction of law.

Reception of documents from 20 June 2013 to 25 July 2013

At the specified time held a reception in the magistracy in the direction of law (full-time and part-time offices budgetary and extrabudgetary). The cost of training full-time – 180,000 rubles. per year, on correspondence – 90,000 rubles. (030900)

Entrance tests:

1) interview
2) summary
3) exam on core subjects (theory of state and law in the amount of “Law” or civil law)

Open the program:

Theory and history of the state, law, and political doctrines;
Civil law, business law, family law, private international law;

The faculty has a graduate school (full-time and part-time, budget and extrabudgetary basis) in the following specialties:

12.00.01 – theory and history of state and law, history of political and legal doctrines;
12.00.03 – civil law, business law, family law, private international law;
12.00.08 – criminal law, criminology, penal law;

The cost of training full-time – 200,000 rubles. per year, the correspondence department – 150,000 rubles. in year.

Documents are accepted until July 31, 2013 Enrollment – to 1.09.2013g.

Law Faculty conducts training of teachers of public universities, teaching legal disciplines (extrabudgetary training) in 72 hours. The certificate of the state sample.

The Faculty of Law is implementing a training program on the basis of the Federal State budget institution Science Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is able to attract to the teaching of the greatest scientists of lawyers: academicians, corresponding members, doctors and candidates of science – scientists IGP RAS.

The faculty has a scientific and educational library, other organizational and technical means to conduct educational activities. The faculty created the conditions for lifelong learning: University – Graduate School.

As a public institution of higher education, the University provides a respite from military service for students, postgraduates, issue state diplomas: Specialist lawyer, Bachelor of Law and Master of Law, Bachelor of Political Science in the profile law political science.

Dean Lisitsyn-Svetlanov Andrey
Dean Lisitsyn-Svetlanov Andrey

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