World Politics

Faculty of World Politics conducts its educational activities based on the basis of the Institute of USA and Canada Studies.

The staff and faculty teachers have long experience of scientific and pedagogical work in the leading universities of the USA and Western Europe.

The faculty areas being prepared for the directions: 031 900 International Relations (qualification “Bachelor”) and 032000 Foreign Regional Studies (qualification “Bachelor”) – 4-year training (full-time).
Postgraduate study, training and retraining of teachers.

Faculty included (since 2010) in the translation of Russian higher education to the standards of the Bologna system: The recruitment (and, accordingly, curriculum processing) according to the “Bachelor – Master”. In 2010, the first regional studies-recruited students to separate 4-year apprenticeship in an undergraduate program.

Students have at their disposal modern classrooms, two libraries, a computer room with internet access, unique equipment for video conferences, conditions for full relaxation and self. Students have practice in the Russian and foreign research and educational centers, state authorities of the Russian Federation (State Duma and Federation Council of the National Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the media (Itar-Tass) FIT graduates receive a state diploma.

Dean Rogov Sergei Mikhailovich
Dean Rogov Sergei Mikhailovich

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