Cultural Studies

Department of Cultural Studies GAUGN – Russia’s first training unit, to provide an educational framework for a holistic development of national and world culture. The faculty has a great potential for the study of culture as a business development resource, the state and society – its graduates possess theoretical and applied knowledge in demand in various sectors of professional activity.

The training process involves well-known scientists, laid the foundations of modern cultural studies, the major experts on the theory and history of culture, theory and history of art, culture, governance and management of social and cultural sphere. Department supports the development of research programs in which students are actively involved (for instance, the project “Laboratory of creative development of the language,” works by the method of Distinguished Professor at Emory University (USA) MN Epstein with his direct participation).

In addition to theoretical studies in the Faculty of Cultural Studies lot of attention is paid to practical training. Students practice in leading socio-cultural organizations where they implement their projects under the guidance of distinguished cultural workers, art and socio-cultural management. Many students after the internship are invited to a permanent job.

Department of Cultural Studies GAUGN cooperates with:

Washington and Lee University (Lexington, United States)
Emory University (Atlanta, USA)
Russian Anthropological School
MSTU. Bauman
Centre of Russian-Polish cultural studies
Higher Theatre School. Shchepkin
Russian State Children’s Library

The faculty trains:

Bachelors in the directions:

03.30.00 “Cultural Studies”

Masters the following areas:

03.30.00 “Jurisprudence” with the master’s program “Culture of mass communications”

Graduate students in the directions:

24.00.01 “Theory and History of Culture”
17.00.09 “Theory and History of Art”

Forms of education: full-time and part-time, budget and extrabudgetary. Number of seats is determined by the annual budget.

Duration of study Bachelor: 4 years (full-time) and 4.5 years (by correspondence).

Duration of study in the magistracy: 2 years (full-time) and 2.5 years (by correspondence).

The term post-graduate studies: 3 years (full-time) and 4 years (by correspondence).