Historical faculty carries out educational activities with the participation of leading researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World History, as well as leading scientists in the field of humanities from other research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Students have the opportunity to directly participate in all scientific events (conferences, round tables, workshops, etc.) carried out by the Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences. The Faculty cooperates with universities in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and others.

On the Historical faculty are trained in the following areas:

  • 030 600 History (qualification “bachelor”)
  • 032000 Foreign Regional Studies (European Studies profile) (qualification “bachelor”)
  • 035300 Arts and Humanities (qualification “bachelor”)

Duration of training – 4 years. Mode of study full-time, budget, off-budget.

030600.68 History (qualification “master story”)
Training term – 2 years. Mode of study full-time, budget and extrabudgetary.

“History of International Relations and Diplomacy”;

In 2013, the Faculty of History offers applicants under the direction of graduate training in history a new profile “History of international relations and diplomacy.”

The proposed profile combines fundamental training with general historical in-depth specialization in the history of international relations and diplomacy. The content of this field is the study of the history of relations between the countries and peoples in the fields of politics, diplomacy, law, economy, ideology and culture; the general course of a State to ensure that its own national interests and its diplomatic component. As part of the profile is investigated activities of the various international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, integration associations, political movements, military-political blocs.

Specialized training of students of humanities, combined with the mastery of foreign languages greatly enhances employment opportunities. Received education allows to realize themselves in research work, diplomatic and educational activities.

The scope of the professional historian and international affairs is the diplomatic and consular service, information and analytical activities in the municipal, regional and federal authorities, expert consulting, research work, translating and teaching, international tourism.

Preparations are graduate students aimed at increasing the efficiency of scientific research in GAUGN and laying the groundwork for the formation of scientific schools of the University.

With post-graduate classes in foreign languages, history and philosophy of science.
Graduate students of the Faculty are trained in foreign educational centers in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and others.

Dean of Faculty Chubarian Alexander Oganovich
Dean of Faculty Chubarian Alexander Oganovich