Admission of students to foreign universities

In 2014-2015, the reception is carried out in foreign universities of Macedonia and Kuwait. In Macedonia is receiving in the University of Information Sciences and Technology “St. Apostle Paul “in Ohrid, as well as to the University” St. Cyril and Methodius “. The scholarship provides for payment of expenses for training, visa and residence permit in the Republic of Macedonia, roundtrip airfare, accommodation, meals; students also paid a sum of money about 82 euro. Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education provides three scholarships to study at the Faculty of Sharia law and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University. Scholarship to study at Kuwait University includes a complete gosobespechenii (dormitory accommodation, meals in the university canteen, transport). At the same time adopted a student receives a monthly scholarship in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. Deadline for submitting documents, the conditions of admission, details see. Here and here.