Types of Ergonomic Mouse 

A computer mouse is a small hand-size device that is usually placed on a smooth flat surface and iis used to manipulate the curser movement in the computer’s screen. Mice have buttons intended to perform different functions based on their particular programs.The different Type of Ergonomic Mouse ergonomic are that have improved the designs of the devices with more functionality buttons in consideration of much comfort to the user. Its designed to maintain body posture reducing the density rate at which muscles strain by unintentionally hand-twisting while using the common mouse and thus contributing to the reduction of mouse related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and arthritis.

There are several benefits in the different type of ergonomic mouse. It is an improvement of the ordinary version of computer mouse. The ergonomic computer mouse is designed with a natural grip to favor the different sizes and shapes of hands thus easing the constraints of hand tendons and muscles while in use. This contributes to better control support of the users entire hand thus reducing the density in the hand in use. Easier to twist the wrist when working since retention of the natural hand position is retained. This leads to less effort and less energy density used while operating the Egonomic mouse as compared to the non-egonomic mouse.

The Different types of Ergonomic mouse.

1. Logitech ergonomics mouse

This type is designed with a intention of high fast scrolling wheel to enhance quick scrolling. It has other features like Laser precision, Long battery life and advanced search and navigation. The Logitech MX 620 Wireless Laser Ergonomic Computer Mouse has these features.

2. Evoluent Vertical Mouse

This device has been modelled to fit a bigger range of hand sizes considering the different hand densities of the its users. It also includes a dented optical scrolling wheel. It has customizeable programming buttons through the additional driver functions. There is a consideration of a place to put the small finger than leaving it graging on the surface making the hand less dense and thus less constraints to the users hand. It has a resolution of upto 2600dpi that is adjustable. A good example is VM3R2-RSB.

3. Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical

The wireless design, the scrolling wheel, buttons and the ball are strategically positioned to perfectly work for long hours. The fitting of the hands is comfortably enhanced thus smooth and accurate performance through the Logitech’s optical Marble technology. Further, this device does not require consistant cleaning since its motion is recorded optically. It is also designed with a WebWheel Software to enhance Internet browsing. It has Optical tracking system, Right hand orientation and USB & PS2 connectivity.

4. 3M Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Its vertical grip design and a hand resting base, maintains the users hand at a neutral angle. It is compatible to USB/PS2 with a plug and play capability. The device got recognition by Arthritis Foundation as an easy to use gadget. The right and left clicks are done by the click of a thumb and making it less dense while in use.


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