Tips for Students Moving to On Campus Housing

Generally, relocation is a lot of work. It is challenging at the same time exciting! Whether you’re moving offices or homes, it can bring a lot of stress; therefore, it’s great when you can work with someone who can efficiently lighten the load.

Working with a relocation company is an important decision to any relocation project. Undeniably, you can carry out this activity on your own; you can simply hire a truck and facilitate the entire hauling process by yourself.

However, you can also successfully take some load off your back by hiring a professional moving company to assist you with a move.

Reputable companies can offer full relocation services, including hauling, packing/unpacking, storage, and transportation, among others. But how do you choose the best?

These five essential tips will assist you to make a wise choice when selecting a relocation service provider.

1. Check client feedback

If you’re hiring a moving company for the first time and you’ve no way of determining their performance. You can check some customer feedback posted online.

These can be from blogs, forums or different social networking sites. Clients who’ve had good or bad experiences usually make time to share what they can, and therefore, you can use their feedback to make an informed decision when hiring a particular company.

2. Provides insurance

Insurance is vital when conducting a relocation to safeguard your valuable items. Always check if the company provides insurance so that you’ll receive sufficient compensation in case of any damage to your goods.  In the Netherlands these companies are called bezemschoon opleveren and are required to have insurance for their services, you should make sure they have the same thing.

Moreover, consider the degree of insurance cover offered and the steps required. You must ensure that you are sufficiently insured!

Ensure the moving company has three basic insurance policies which all movers should have – Public Liability, Work Cover, and Transit. The company should provide Certificates of Currency on request for these policies.

3. Get an estimate

Even though it may be impossible to provide an accurate costing until after the service, an experienced company should be able to provide you a rough estimate in terms of money and time.

If they underrated their business well, they can offer you a rundown of things and provide you a report.

More or less the ultimate cost will be approximately the same price, so it’ll assist you to set a budget for the relocation. This is essential if you’re canvassing prices from various companies. You can visit them, get a quote, and then make a wise decision after detailed comparison.

4. Find out about your payment choices

After finding out how the costs of the service, you can also determine how you’ll be asked to pay. Some firms will provide flexible payment choices: debit, credit card, cash or cheques.

There might be some who’ll demand sizable cash payments or deposits, and you should be wary of such firms.

5. Provides top-quality service from beginning to the end

When relocating, you require the same high-quality service from start to finish. A company that provides a full relocation solution from start to end ensures that you get consistent service.

An ideal choice is a mover which has a broad network of branches in various places following similar quality standards, at the point of departure and destination.

If not, the relocation service provider should work with an accredited, highly acclaimed and financially resourceful partners and agents in regions where it doesn’t have subsidiaries.