Things to Do Off Campus (Theatre, etc)

University campus is a great place, but as any student knows its not a palce to spend 100% of your time.  When the studies are done and the weekend or vacation comes around, getting off of campus and enjoying yourself is an important aspect of student life.  Having some relief from the stress of your studies will be key in getting through the year.

Why It’s Important to Get Off Campus Sometimes

Our students are some of the most dedicated and hard working in all of the world.  They also have some of the most challenging and heavy curriculum.  All this amounts to some of the most qualified graduates, but it can also be stressful, and it important to let up sometimes.  Students sometimes take out their stress with food, leading the often cited “freshman fifteen” (pounds).

Aside from comfort food, there are many different ways to relax and enjoy yourself away from your studies.  We’ve taken this article to talk a little bit about some of the ways that students can do this.  Here we go:

Movies and Theatre

The theatre is a great way to enjoy some time off of your studies.
The theatre is a great way to enjoy some time off of your studies.

One of the preferred ways to kick back for students is going to the cinema or the theatre.  There are lots of visiting shows that come around town throughout the year (so you don’t have to take a trip to Broadway just to see them).  Some recent shows that have paid visits to our area are Wicked, Book of Mormon, and soon the return of Cats.

As for movies, many students simply watch movies in their dormitory or at home, but we’d recommend going out and making a night of it at the cinema.  Getting “out on the town” can definitely make a difference.

Day Trips and Sight-seeing

Another thing we’d recommend is going out for short day trips for some sight-seeing.  There are many different buses that run out to the mountains and even down to the sea.  Make a day of it, take a few friends and see the sights.  Take pictures and try not to think about your studies for a little bit.

These little things can go a long way into making your studies much more enjoyable, and you will create some great memories with your friends in the process.


Tips for Students – Moving to On-Campus Housing

Generally, relocation is a lot of work. It is challenging at the same time exciting! Whether you’re moving offices or homes, it can bring a lot of stress; therefore, it’s great when you can work with someone who can efficiently lighten the load. Working with a relocation company is an important decision to any relocation project. Undeniably, you can carry out this activity on your own; you can simply hire a truck and facilitate the entire hauling process by yourself.

However, you can also successfully take some load off your back by hiring a professional moving company or inventory clearance (known as Inboedel ontruiming) to assist you with a move. Reputable companies can offer full relocation services, including hauling, packing/unpacking, storage, and transportation, among others. But how do you choose the best?

Moving house can be a pain for new students, here are some tips that can help.
Moving house can be a pain for new students, here are some tips that can help.

These five essential tips will assist you to make a wise choice when selecting a relocation service provider.

1. Check client feedback

If you’re hiring a moving company for the first time and you’ve no way of determining their performance. You can check some customer feedback posted online. These can be from blogs, forums or different social networking sites. Clients who’ve had good or bad experiences usually make time to share what they can, and therefore, you can use their feedback to make an informed decision when hiring a particular company.

2. Provides insurance

Insurance is vital when conducting a relocation to safeguard your valuable items. Always check if the company provides insurance so that you’ll receive sufficient compensation in case of any damage to your goods.Moreover, consider the degree of insurance cover offered and the steps required. You must ensure that you are sufficiently insured!

Ensure the moving company has three basic insurance policies which all movers should have – Public Liability, Work Cover, and Transit. The company should provide Certificates of Currency on request for these policies.

3. Get an estimate

Even though it may be impossible to provide an accurate costing until after the service, an experienced company should be able to provide you a rough estimate in terms of money and time.

If they underrated their business well, they can offer you a rundown of things and provide you a report.

More or less the ultimate cost will be approximately the same price, so it’ll assist you to set a budget for the relocation. This is essential if you’re canvassing prices from various companies. You can visit them, get a quote, and then make a wise decision after detailed comparison.

4. Find out about your payment choices 

After finding out how the costs of the service, you can also determine how you’ll be asked to pay. You can do this when requesting a quote (i.e. woningontruiming nu aanvragen) from the company.  Some firms will provide flexible payment choices: debit, credit card, cash or cheques. There might be some who’ll demand sizable cash payments or deposits, and you should be wary of such firms.

5. Provides top-quality service from beginning to the end

When relocating, you require the same high-quality service from start to finish. A company that provides a full relocation solution from start to end ensures that you get consistent service. An ideal choice is a mover which has a broad network of branches in various places following similar quality standards, at the point of departure and destination.

If not, the relocation service provider should work with an accredited, highly acclaimed and financially resourceful partners and agents in regions where it doesn’t have subsidiaries.


Management meets Forestry – Worlds Collide with Local Tree Services

At GAUGN we have an entire school devoted to management, and it’s applications across business.  Many of the problems faced by today’s companies are addressed through various methods of either management, logistics or marketing.  These high level studies of the dynamics of management are curious displays of intellectualism, but how do they fare when it comes to the real world applications?

These worlds collide in the case of local service providers, who strive to streamline an offering in a highly competitive marketplaces (often competing against hundreds of similar providers), giving the best service at competitive prices in order to attract and retain customers.  Given this environment it seems logical that some theoretical marketing and management aspects could assist in running a company like this, but is it really the case?  Let’s talk about it…

What Are Tree Services and Forestry Services Anyway?

Tree services are highly competitive, manual labor industries, making a unique study for management professionals.
Tree services are highly competitive, manual labor industries, making a unique study for management professionals.

Many people might be asking what does tree removal include?  Well, tree services (also sometimes called arborists) are experts at the growth, health, maintenance and eventual removal of trees from residential and commercial properties.  This can be a very lucrative business when done correctly, but it requires both an expertise in biology of plants, logging or “felling” of trees, and a blue collar work ethic since it is also a labor intensive business.

How does this apply to management?  A few ways:

  • Managing employees is largely similar across sectors and niches.
  • Labor intensive employees require special consideration compared with their white-collar, less labor intensive counterparts.
  • Good management means efficiency in felling trees, which converts to increased numbers of customers serviced.

Nothing radical here, but it’s important to consider the notion that in such a high competition environment, efficient management could be the difference maker between a profitable and an infeasible business model.  This has always been known in larger markets, but it is also the case in smaller markets.

Open Day at the Faculty of Law

Dear applicants, the chosen direction of preparation “law”!
Admission to the Faculty of Law is declared as specified in the direction of undergraduate and graduate (Law), as well as postgraduate studies in 12.00.01, 12.00.03, 12.00.06.
The next Open Day at the Faculty of Law will be held on May 30 at 16 hours. at the following address: Moscow, ul.Znamenka, 10, komn.3 (1st floor) – the building of Institute of State and Law. Directions: Metro station Borovitskaya they Library. Lenin, Alexander Garden, Arbat.
Phone for information: 8 495 6911309
Please note that in 2014 the reception of documents on the Faculty of Law will be held in the premises of the Rectorate representatives of the Faculty of Law at the address: Moscow, Maronovsky lane d.26.Proezd:. Metro station Oktyabrskaya.
Dean Faculty of Law.

Modern problems of culture

Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part in the scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of culture”, which will take place on May 29 from 10.00 to 18.00.
The conference is expected to discuss the problems of cultural knowledge in the context of trends in the humanities, issues related to the theory and history of culture; Art History; book culture; management in the aspect of modern socio-cultural realities. In accordance with the stated problems, the conference program included round tables:
– Culture in the modern world: models and practices (… Moderator: Mr. Philology Alpatov TA, professor of Faculty of Cultural Studies GAUGN, PhD Davydov DM, Associate Professor, Faculty of Cultural Studies GAUGN.)
– Management in socio-cultural space: national and international experience (.. Moderators: Saiko EA, d filos.n, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies; Tikhanovich OA, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Ikku)

– Fashion and Culture in the modern metropolis (moderator: Upine AM, Doctor of Arts, Professor of Faculty of Cultural Studies)

Conference participants: students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers GAUGN and other universities in Moscow; Researcher, the publishing center “Nauka” RAS.

The conference will be summed up competition of research works of students, undergraduates and graduate students the following areas: theory and history of culture; theory and history of art; management; management in the field of culture; management in the field of book culture.
Regulation of the participants – 5-7 minutes.
Applications for participation in the conference are accepted till May 27, 2014
Please send applications by email ([email protected]).

Date and time of event: May 29 from 10.00 to 18.00 (Registration for the conference: Conference 09.30-10.00.Otkrytie: 10.00)
Venue: Faculty “Institute of book culture and management” GAUGN; Department of Cultural Studies GAUGN; (Ul. Profsoyuznaya, 90, Akademizdattsentr “Nauka” RAS Belyaevo metro station)
Organizers: Faculty “Institute of Book Culture and Management” (Ikku) GAUGN, Department of Cultural Studies GAUGN

GAUGN master class “Basics of scientific editing of texts on the history of”

Master class “Foundations of scientific editing of texts on the history of” held May 20, 2014 for graduate students of GAUGN Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor Boris L. Khavkin, editor of “Modern and Contemporary History.” The meeting was held in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which Boris L. described the passage of the full cycle of scientific texts reviewing procedures, illustrating its vivid examples from personal experience. Review any job, in his opinion, it has no right to be just an emotional cry editor souls must contain a balanced and professional analysis of the material, very concise and well-structured. Nor should we forget about such seemingly simple things as basic literacy, “Russian texts still must be written in Russian,” – said Boris Leonidovich. Boris L. noted with regret that the rise in prices for publication paper production in combination with the availability of similar materials on the Internet, not only reduces the interest of the general public to scientific journals, but also causes serious damage to the general level of scientific publications, particularly at a time when great importance is attached scientometrics. “Systematics, scientific apparatus and, of course, novelty – something that completely forgotten the young researchers in the pursuit of high levels of citation” – said the speaker.

Scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of culture”

GAUGN hosting a scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of culture”, organized by the Institute of Book Culture and Management and the Department of Cultural Studies GAUGN. The conference held a few round tables in which the participants made presentations and discussed the main issues of cultural studies in the modern world, talked about management in the social and cultural space, fashion and culture in the modern metropolis. Following the conference the best of speakers took prizes in each round table. At the closing ceremony of the conference, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Cultural Studies Myasoedova Anna in Latin sang “Gaudeamus” to the accompaniment of the piano, which was played Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies Saiko Elena.

Admission of students to foreign universities

In 2014-2015, the reception is carried out in foreign universities of Macedonia and Kuwait. In Macedonia is receiving in the University of Information Sciences and Technology “St. Apostle Paul “in Ohrid, as well as to the University” St. Cyril and Methodius “. The scholarship provides for payment of expenses for training, visa and residence permit in the Republic of Macedonia, roundtrip airfare, accommodation, meals; students also paid a sum of money about 82 euro. Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education provides three scholarships to study at the Faculty of Sharia law and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University. Scholarship to study at Kuwait University includes a complete gosobespechenii (dormitory accommodation, meals in the university canteen, transport). At the same time adopted a student receives a monthly scholarship in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. 

Russian President presenting Award Alexander Chubaryanu

On the Day of Russia, Vladimir Putin presented state award to scientists and cultural figures. Among the award winning and was president GAUGN Academician Alexander Chubaryan. He received the award for outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, literature and art, as well as humanitarian activities.

We congratulate Alexander Oganovicha and thank for his enormous contribution to the development of historical science!